After winning the Skinny business in late 2017 we were tasked with relaunching the brand to the nation, but to keep true to our brand promise "We'll do anything to keep prices low and customers happy" we launched a campaign with all the usual famous names. 

These famous names came from all over New Zealand to be part of the campaign, we had Clint Eastwood (the electrician from Pukekohe) and even Ben Affleck (a student from Dunedin) starring in the TVC directed by Damien Shatford. Then we kept it going with a series of quotes from the cast that ran on billboards all over the country.

Part of the relaunch included a brand refresh to reflect the look of affordable quality. This was done by simplifying the logotype, stripping back the brand elements alongside a more cohesive color palette to create a bold and modern look across every platform.